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Beat self-doubt, procrastination, and perfectionism to get your best work done

Draft One is a simple text editor for focused first drafts.

And it’s got a trick to help you…

Draft One won’t let you delete text. No backspace, no delete, no cut, no undo.

Stay in flow. Keep self-doubt in check. Stop double-guessing yourself.

Write freely now. Leave your typos for later.

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Only on macOS so far. Windows coming soon…

Here's the thinking behind Draft One…

  1. We often let self-doubt and the urge to correct typos get in the way when we’re writing our first drafts. That stops us getting our thoughts out and into text.

  2. You can’t write freely and edit at the same time. Editing flips your brain out of flow state and into a critical mindset.

  3. You shouldn’t worry about making the first draft perfect.

  4. Instead, you should try to stay in a free-flowing, non-critical state of mind while you’re drafting. That way, you can just convert your thoughts into text as smoothly as possible.

  5. To help you get out of the habit of double-guessing yourself and cleaning up your typos on your first draft, Draft One won’t let you edit, delete or undo text.

  6. When you’re done with your first draft, just copy your text into another app. You can switch to a more critical ‘editing’ mindset at this point. You’ll have your thoughts out and ready to work with.

Mac App Store logo

Only on macOS so far. Windows coming soon…